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Know, How to Get Prevention From Insulin Resistance ?

You must have heard about diabetes. It has become a common problem and affecting many people today. This condition arises when the hormone is unable to perform its regular tasks. Insulin resistance occurs when our body cells becomes resistant to insulin. It‘s a severe condition.

Insulin helps to control the glucose level in the blood. If any person has insulin resistance then his chances of developing diabetes get increased. Insulin helps body cells to use glucose for energy. It may be that our body is producing insulin properly but the cells refuse to accept it. The insulin resistance may develop from many things such as pregnancy, metabolic syndrome, stress, depression and many others. These factors can play a role in triggering the condition.Insulin resistance facts must be known to everyone to get rid of the problem. All possible steps should be taken in this regard.

Insulin resistance can be associated with diabetes mellitus type 2 diabetes. When our body stops using insulin produced by it then it starts to accumulate. When its level increased, it gives signal to the pancreas to stop the production of insulin. It results in the lack of insulin. The glucose level increased in the body. Chronic insulin resistance can lead to DM type 2.

Insulin resistance can lead to some physical changes. Insulin is a hormone, produced by pancreas.

The symptoms of insulin resistance are:

• Increased hunger

• High blood sugar

• Sleepiness after meal

• Fatigue

• Brain fogginess

• Increase in weight and difficulty in reducing it

• High blood pressure

• Depression

There are several conditions that can lead to insulin resistance such as genetic factors or family history of type 2 diabetes, gene mutations and gestational diabetes.

Some physiological conditions can also lead to the problems such as sedentary life style, lack of exercise, obesity, stress, pregnancy, alcohol, smoking etc. Insulin resistance facts can help to understand the problem in a more relevant manner so that people can get aware of this chronic condition.

It is seen that insulin resistance can coexist with obesity. However the relation between insulin resistance, obesity, and diet factors is still unknown. It may be that one of them arise first and then lead to the other. Vitamin D deficiency is also related with insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance can cause abnormal level of hormone in the body, skin tags can arise. These tags may seem like hanging of the skin. Other symptoms of this disorder are fatty liver, arteriosclerosis, polycystic ovarian disease etc. It can also affect liver. Proper knowledge of insulin resistance facts is necessary for everyone to get aware of the problem. This problem cannot be diagnosed in the earlier stage because most of the times its symptoms are silent. This problem may be hereditary but one can get prevented by adopting healthy lifestyle and good food habits. Physical exercise is also very import to get prevention from the condition.

For more information related to this please visit : insulin resistance facts and medical animation

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